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About Us

Forget focus.

Get distracted.

Curiosity is the key to unlocking new experiences. At Visual Lab we’re always thinking ‘what if?’ What if we went off the beaten path? What if there are better ways of doing things? Quite simply, we don’t know how to stand still. We don’t mind, we love being curious. And we aim to make your audience just as curious as we are.

Artist visuals

We specialize in synchronized visual shows for tours and music artists. By pushing the envelope of technology and curating the best VJ's we'll help you achieve more than you'd imagined possible. The resulting effect is to elevate the sensory experience of your audience.

Branded visuals

It doesn’t matter to us if your brand is well known, or you’re thinking of advertising for the first time. We offer everything you need for an engaging visual experience. In any space, on any screen.

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