About Us

Forget focus.

Get distracted.

We will take you on a trip through scenic environments, abstract visuals and conceptual worlds. Seamlessly blending into eachother. The studio is based in the Netherlands and we love to stray off the beaten path, approaching each project with a blank page, exploring new possiblities and experimenting in design.

As we started out as a hybrid game-design/motion-graphic studio, designs like our trading cards often replicate modern gaming symbolism and techniques. These methods result in a much needed 'oomf' as we'd like to call it.

“Forget focus, get distracted.”

Artist Visuals

We specialize in synchronized visual shows for tours and music artists. By using the latest technology we’ll help you achieve more than you’d imagined possible. The resulting effect is to elevate the sensory experience of your audience.

Branded Visuals

It doesn’t matter to us if your brand is well known, or you’re thinking of advertising for the first time. We offer everything you need for an engaging visual experience. In any space, on any screen.