• 3D Visuals
  • Timecode show

Camille – SOS

With five shows in a row, Camille Dhont started her solo “SOS” tour throughout Belgium with 5 sold out Lotto Arena in Antwerp.
Camille is a Belgium singer and actrice best known for her victorious showing in TV-show “The Masked Singer” and her role in the TV-series “#LikeMe”, with which she also performed in multiple sold out concerts.

“SOS” is a collection of catchy popsongs mixed with some sensitive songs, fireworks and a lot of glitter/glamour.

Project details

We were assigned to create a fully time-coded show for Camille her “SOS” show containing 21 songs.
The team was tasked to make visuals for two large LED screens that were setup to be able to open and close adding a dynamic element within the show. When opened the screens were 28 meters long and 7 meters high.

With only a total production time of only eight days, we wanted to design eye-catching and music-enhancing visuals unique for every song which meant we were up for a rather ambitious challenge.  Once again the “Unreal Engine” was proven to be a huge time saver and our team succeeded within the timeframe.

What We Delivered

A fully timecoded show with a total duration of 90 minutes featuring over 45 unique visuals with seamless transitions from one song to another.
In between songs, the show featured pre-recorded video footage showcasing Camille’s unique rise to fame and personal backstory. These moments were
captured within a custom designed mirror ball environment.