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Love Tomorrow

The first Love Tomorrow Conference is a unique sustainability conference. World-renowned thought leaders will entice the People of Tomorrow to take concrete steps towards a better environment, climate and well-being. The backdrop: the amazing Freedom Stage of Tomorrowland!

The event is set to be one of the most forward-thinking sustainability gatherings ever. They hope to convince, inspire and motivate as many youngsters as possible to do more, because our planet needs all of us to create change.

Project details


We are familiar with turning large LED walls into blasting music-enhancing backdrops, but this time we had to dial back the beat syncs and focus on immersion and an overall calming atmosphere.


Conferences are stacked with information and various differently themed presentations. We wanted to create a pleasant backdrop that adds a bit of depth to all these flat presentations while not creating a distraction. We used natural textures and colors to accentuate the environmental theme of the afternoon while adding an overall warmth to a rather industrial setting.

What We Delivered

We created a Resolume project including automized systems that introduced speakers through various transitions. Presentations were pre-programmed to fit within specific wooden frames, creating a seamless integration into the large LED wall.
Each theme “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat”, “Next Nature”, “Let’s Talk About Tech”, “To Be Human (And Beyond)” had their own color scheme and personalized elements within the digital green wall while a general wooden ribbon theme connected the subjects.