Nicky Romero


  • 3D Visuals
  • 2D Visuals
  • Audio design
  • Stage Design
  • Live VJ
  • Currently touring VJ


The biggest Dutch youtube sensation StukTV wanted a live show to match their TV content, crazy and energetic. And we gave it to them. With a debut at Paaspop we kicked of their crazy Stukfest show with a live VJ and a whole assortment of colourful Oktoberfest visuals featuring a combination of hand drawn and 3D visuals.

In conclusion to the show Giel, Thomas and Stefan were particularly satisfied with their caricatures which caused them to trust us on exploring the art style for their track releases. Elements of the VJ show have been re-used in several hit youtube videos on their channel.

Project details

StukTV’s party concept “Stukfest” is a thematised an hour long performance with elements of live vocals, stunts and a lot of partying. The goofy art style takes large influences from classic Dutch Carnaval murals. Caricatures, giant beer mugs, confetti and a lot of vibrant colours capture the energetic essence of the performance.

StukTV’s Spotify art originated from Stukfest’s visuals and is a collection of album covers and a Spotify banner, hand drawn and in collaboration with Bente Wilms. ( )

What We Delivered

For the “Stukfest” concept we’ve made sure there was a live VJ connecting all the different show elements with a custom visualpack featuring a combination of hand drawn, 2D and 3D animation. This pack also included a intro visual featuring large caricatures of their faces and custom Audio.

After the live shows we’ve developed a visual representation of StukTV as a music trio. We’ve created the “Frikandel Speciaal” single art, STUKtv’s Spotify Banner and the “Ontspoord EP” art.