• 3D viusals
  • Video visuals
  • Stage design
  • Live VJ
  • Currently touring VJ


Dutch urban legend and label owner Josylvio brought his career to a next level with his full length Melkweg show. A custom stage design based around American hip-hop culture towers behind the icon himself. Surreal looking skyscrapers rotate on the carefully placed LED tiles, with a technique called forced perspective we’re giving the audience the idea the buildings are actually a décor.

Project details

Together with Josylvio and his management we carefully looked at what we wanted him to portray. It became clear after watching a few music videos that are all mostly shot in the United States. Suburbs, skylines and seeing the beauty in the gritty. The visuals in this show shouldn’t be the eyecatcher, the show is about Josylvio’s performance and the visuals are a backdrop. And that backdrop should enhance every move he makes and every line he says.

What We Delivered

We made a stage design, visual treatment, music video visuals, 3d backdrop visuals, stage specific visuals, colour and FX document for the light and FX operator.

As the Melkweg gig was our main focus we created the treatment to nail this show, but we always keep in mind that whenever an artist wants to invest in a specific performance they want more than just that. We made sure that everything we created could easily be re-used for any upcoming festival performance.