San Holo


  • 3D Visuals
  • 2D Visuals
  • Live Footage
  • Video Visuals
  • Live VJ
  • Timecode VJ

San Holo

Before the release of his hit album “Album1” we were touring alongside San Holo as his personal VJ throughout Europe. During this time period we extensively thought out what the next big step would be and how to follow up his album release with a grand show. The Album1 tour was the result of this and includes a one and a half hour timecoded live show with a beautiful custom stage that tours all over the world.

Project details

“How do we visualize his transition from iconic EDM trap music to raw emotional live music?” was one of the questions we asked ourselves. Together with Thorwald Van Den Akker from Bitbird we’ve developed a combination of filmed footage and animation following the flow of the music.

The more organic guitar sounds were visualized as footage of nature and live video recordings while the original trap beat visuals  were predominantly electronic and 3D. Smooth transitions and millisecond perfected strobes enhanced every strum and every beat. In cooperation with Manuel Rodrigues from, known for his Noisia ‘Outer Edges’ show, we made sure lights and visuals were in total harmony.

What We Delivered

We’ve done a full Europe tour with a live VJ in the summer of 2018, this was before our addition of custom visuals. After the tour we’ve worked on a timecoded show with a duration of one and a half hours which premiered in San Holo’s ‘Album1’ America bus tour. These visuals were made in combination with live shot video footage and 2D/3D animation.