Nicky Romero


  • 3D Visuals
  • 2D Visuals
  • Audio design
  • Stage Design
  • Live VJ
  • Currently touring VJ

Nicky Romero

From his first Ultra Miami performance until now Visual Lab, then RJB Visuals, and Nicky Romero have been working together on creating the ultimate EDM show.

We have travelled across the world to bring our best show to the biggest and baddest stages. Our cooperation goes from live VJ’ing to music videos to complete stage designs for Nicky Romero’s label Protocol Recordings. If you see ever see a Nicky Romero live show; we’ve been there.

Project details

Over the years Nicky Romero’s visual designs, together with his music, have changed a lot. The design started out very vibrant based on a specific colour scheme with a geometric based landscape design and over the year transformed into a more organic and realistic feeling aesthetic. Currently our focus is to seamlessly blend in Live video together with pre recorded video and animation.

What We Delivered

Our goal is to have the best possible outcome for both us and our clients and we achieve this by having a constant stream of feedback on our visual packs. We set out multiple delivery dates so we can make changes based on the feedback of previous packs. For large projects such as Nicky we make plans for an entire year with set feedback dates so the design can grow accordingly.