Famke Louise


  • 3D visuals
  • Timecode VJ
  • Stage Design
  • Currently touring VJ

Famke Louise

Famke Louise is a female urban artist who is telling the world that women rule, and as we can see, they do. Often seen on Dutch television or theatre and originated from YouTube vlogs, Famke Louise’s main focus is to pursue her career in music. We designed the visuals and stage design for her first full length “Bossbitch” show in the Paradiso Amsterdam. An hour of brightly coloured catwalk visuals creating a fashion show like vibe in the beautiful architecture of the iconic Paradiso.

Project Details

We were assigned to create a visual representation of Famke Louiseā€™s ultimate solo show which includes a custom stage design and a fully timecoded show with a duration of an hour. As Famke is also a model, a lot of attention went into her outfits and we had close communication with her team as to portray an overarching visual direction.

We had a first time working together with a choreographer to sync up the dancing with the visuals, particularly the final track had a fully synced visual-dance routine including peacock feathers unfolding and shockwaves throwing the dancers from one side to the other.

As an extra we added three powerful beamers with custom made simplified versions of the timecoded visuals to beam over the stage and audience, creating a sort of transition between the two factors.

What We Delivered

We made a stage design, visual treatment, 3d visuals, beamer visuals, one hour of timecoded show for the LED and beamers, colour and FX document for the light and FX operator.

As the Paradiso gig was our main focus we created the treatment to nail this show, but we always keep in mind that whenever an artist wants to invest in a specific performance they want more than just that. We made sure that everything we created could easily be re-used for any upcoming festival performance.