Nicky Romero


  • 3D Visuals
  • Audio Design
  • Stage Design
  • Live VJ

Nicky Romero – Another World

As a result of the covid-19 outbreak a ton of festivals and clubbing has been cancelled this season. This is why we’ve been busy creating an experience for our fans and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) enthousiasts worldwide.

We’ve created an immersive experience that moves the viewer through an extensive virtual world while keeping Nicky Romero and his performance in the center of attention.

Project details

When you go virtual. anything is possible.

With the most recent technology, creating hyper-realistic virtual worlds and combing these with real-life elements is now only a matter of creativity. When worldly limits such as venues or specific certified materials are no longer an issue, the sky isn’t even the limit. Changing locations, unreal effects, endless possibilities.

For Nicky Romero we created a world in which the rules of our reality are being defied exponentially over the span of a one-hour DJ set.

Organizers only need a green-screen space to be able to put their artists a virtual world.

They can provide said space on location or in the vicinity of the artists whereabouts.

What We Delivered

We worked out a detailed plan for the green screen shoot and supervised the process on the day of filming. On the scene we adjusted lighting and camera angles to the optimal compositing setup making sure everything filmed that day was put to good use. Nicky Romero was a natural talent in projecting the raw energy his music had, even in a rather stale green cube, which is of absolute importance in a virtual stream.

Afterwards we processed the raw footage into Unreal Engine textures using several steps to form an innovating green screen shader fluently integrating said footage into the virtual scene. These scenes were carefully thought out to create a gradually more absurd and abstract growing setting utilizing various different forms of visual integration.