• 3D visuals
  • Video visuals
  • Stage design
  • Timecode show
  • Live VJ
  • Audio design
  • Currently touring VJ


Bizzey came to fame as one of the three figureheads of the popular EDM trio Yellow Claw. After leaving the group for a solo career he knew exactly what he wanted to do. Up the game of the dutch hip-hop scene by using his EDM show knowledge: big LED screens, powerful visuals and a perfectly synced timecode show. We made sure this is exactly what he got. We designed a custom intro including audio, stage specific content, video visuals and interludes where ‘god’ appears and talks to the audience. After a sold out AFAS live show where we did the stage design, visuals and VJ’ing we’re still touring with him to this day. Keep an eye out for 2021 as we are preparing a new next level show.

Project details

After diving into the urban scene at several of the biggest Dutch festivals we saw that there were concepts to do larger solo shows, especially at the peak of Dutch urban. We sat with Bizzey and quite fast we were on the same page on the show. The show had to be based on one storyline: Bizzey dies a tragic death and resurrects to become the urban messiah that comes down from heaven to bring the booty shaking music. We had another Dutch urban legend Adje voice god whom appeared in between acts as a giant floating head made out of smoke.

What We Delivered

We made a stage design, visual treatment, music video visuals, 3d visuals, audio design, stage specific visuals, one and a half hours of timecoded show for the LE and a colour and FX document for the light and FX operator.

The show was made for the AFAS live performance and we planned to do the same show, slightly adjusted to pace a bit faster, throughout the country.