Nicky Romero


  • 3D Visuals
  • 2D Visuals
  • Live Footage
  • Audio Design
  • Stage Design
  • Live VJ

Protocol Recordings

Protocol is a Dutch record label stablished at the forefront of House music and is founded by electronic music producer and DJ Nicky Romero. Protocol has become a successful record label as a result of releases by Nicky Romero, Don Diablo, Vicetone, Stadium X, Volt & State and so on.

Over the years Protocol has organised numerous label nights where we’ve had the pleasure of designing the stages and taking care of each artist’s visual representation. With the Protocol connected world tour we’ve launched a completely redesigned visual pack to suit their impressive line-up.

Next to visual packs and live VJ’ing we’ve made several lyric video’s for various Protocol artists gathering over 5 million views.

Project details

As we’ve been working together for over 7 years a lot of adjustments have been made regarding the visual style. Protocol has grown from a mostly progressive EDM sound to a more matured pop sound but of course kept that EDM edge in a lot of releases. When working on lyric videos, visuals or even stage designs we need to visualize this change in colour shape and design.

From experience we’ve learned that keeping close contact with label managers results in the best results, creating a visual treatment together and keeping in touch is a must when you want to portray a label as accurate as possible.

What We Delivered

Stage designs in all shapes and sizes where we always search for the outer edge of our possibilities and what we can improve the previous design. The pinnacle of our stage design creations can be found at the infamous Protocol ADE Melkweg label nights. Each year we’re going all out and are proud of our results.

Various lyric video’s have been made and are still attracting views on youtube, these lyric video’s are mostly based on the artist’s visual content and live performances.

We’ve had VJ’s tour around the world to attend and finetune each Label night using our own Protocol visual packs combined with custom stage specific visuals.