• NFT
  • 3D Visuals
  • Audio Design

Interactive NFT’s

Interactive NFT’s visually adjust according to the specific athlete’s performance; After a win the NFT might shine bright with sparkling, bright colors but it will also reflect an athelete’s losing performance.

If we’re taking Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott as an example:

Each week the NFT will change styles according to gamer performance: standard performance of a QBR rating of 60–75 sees Dak in futuristic blue and silver, in throwing motion, ready to lead his team to victory. A red hot performance with a QBR rating of 75+ sees Dak in fiery red being hoisted up by his teammates. A less than stellar performance with a QBR of 50–60 — happenstance in the ups and down of football — sees Dak set in a storm, with lightning striking, looking back, but ready for the next big play.

We’ve closely worked together with a composer to create a musical piece per sport that also adjusts to their performance really tying the full animation together into one must-have collectable.

3D Scanned Athletes


Our main focus on these cards was an accurate representation of the athletes. We’ve 3D scanned each featured sportsman’s face to make sure their virtual image resembles their real life counterpart. A time consuming process but giving us a lot more artistic freedom in movement and lighting in comparison to using photo’s.

Trading cards



These headline-making NFT’s were a first in Ethernity’s collection and were only available to a limited number of buyers.

A technological feat where Ethernity’s developers have coded special blockchain-based attributes that will make these NFT’s like no other.