Studio 100, Citycubes, Prismax


  • 3D Visuals
  • Timecode show

Maya en het Honingfeest


Discover Maya and the Honey Festival.

Are you ready to become as small as a honeybee and go on an adventure?
Take a journey through the wonderful world of insects, discover how honey is made and dance along at the big Honey Festival in the beehive.
Fly your wings through the spectacular projections and join us on this buzz-tastic interactive adventure for the whole family!

Sjoebiedoubiedue! Maya is waiting for you!

Project details


Spectacular 360° projections and humorous audio story.

“Immersive”, where the audience literally steps into the story through the spectacular life-size projections. The audio story broadcasted through headphones enhances the experience even further. It’s a feast for the eyes with a lot of humor and adventure.

You can find all of this in an impressive location on the Meir in Antwerp!

What We Delivered

With a rather short development time of about 6 weeks Visual Lab teamed up with Prismax to create two of the five immersive story rooms.
With a total duration of 60 minutes and a resolution of 12 times 4k we’ve used the Unreal engine to it’s strength as time was of the essence.
‘Maya en het Honingfeest’ was written and directed by Studio 100.